Assessment and diagnosis

Many people experience memory problems as they get older. Memory lapses can be due to several things such as medication, infection, anaemia, thyroid or vitamin deficiency, depression and anxiety.

If problems with memory persist over several months, it could be an early sign of dementia.

An assessment is needed to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms to dementia and for these symptoms to be treated if necessary. A proper diagnosis of dementia is important, as treatments are available for some types of dementia. In particular, medications are available to treat people with vascular dementia and for some people with Alzheimerís disease.

Although there is currently no cure available for dementia, with treatment and support people can and do lead active fulfilling lives.

Having a diagnosis of dementia allows a person and their family to access advice, information and support and enables them to make plans for the future.

More information about how a diagnosis of dementia is made can be found on the Alzheimer's Society website.
Last updated17 Dec 2015
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