Dementia champions

What are dementia champions?
At Whittington Health we are committed to improving the experience of people with dementia. We have invested in a specialist leadership programme for staff with an interest in dementia. Once trained dementia champions are equipped with the key skills, knowledge and understanding to enhance current practice in dementia care.

Why are dementia champions needed?
Dementia champions are needed to support improvements in dementia care across Whittington Health. Busy hospitals are not ideal places for people with dementia - the speed and pace of care delivery can increase disorientation and confusion, and sometimes the needs of the person with dementia can go unrecognised.
Dementia champions can support staff in ensuring that people experiencing cognitive difficulties are given more time to ensure they understand the information being given to them, comprehend the questions being asked, follow instructions and complete tasks.

What do they do?
Dementia champions:
  • Encourage an enhanced awareness of the feelings and needs of people with dementia and their carers, and consider various ways of addressing these
  • Provide learning opportunities, which encourage the sharing of information, ideas and approaches that support putting new learning into everyday practice
  • Enable ways of making the best possible use of time and resources available to meet the individual needs of people with dementia
  • Inspire increased confidence in working with people with dementia, and guide and support others in finding best ways of working with individuals
Becoming a dementia champion
Could you be a leader of person-centred dementia care?

Nominations are still open for staff who wish to attend dementia champions training.
Applications are welcome from senior and junior nursing and therapy staff who have a strong interest in dementia and are able to lead person-centred dementia care within their area of practice. Nominated staff must be available to attend five training days.

For training dates and further information please contact the clinical education department.  
Last updated22 Jan 2016
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