Expert Patient Programme (EPP)

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What is the Expert Patients Programme?

The Expert Patients Programme is a free six-week self-management course for people with a long-term health condition who live in Haringey or Islington or who are registered with an Haringey or Islington GP.
It’s about taking control of your health, feeling better and being able to do the things you want to do.
Overs six 2.5 hour sessions you will develop your confidence to manage your health condition and feel more in control.
The course also welcomes family members and carers of people with a long-term health condition.
 Click the link below to view or download information on our Supported Self-Management Expert Patients Programme (EPP).

Is the Expert Patients Programme for me?

You will be introduced to self- management tips which you can take away and practise.
Weekly sessions are run by two specially trained people who are themselves living with a long-term health condition.  The sessions are delivered in small friendly groups across Islington and Haringey.
It is run by experienced tutors who also live with long-term health conditions and understand the challenges you face. You can refer yourself, or ask a health professional (e.g. doctor or nurse) to refer you. We offer courses in Turkish and English.
By taking part you can learn to:.
  • Manage symptoms including pain and fatigue
  • Cope with depression or when you are feeling low
  • Find solutions to common problems
  • Deal with stress and worry
  • Practise relaxation and better breathing
  • Communicate better with family and friends
  • Put new ideas into practice with the support of others who are facing similar challenges 
  • Develop confidence to take more control of your condition and improve your heath
  • Set goals and pace yourself
  • Gain healthy lifestyle tips and advice
  • Live well with health problems
  • Live well as a carer

What our patients say about the Programme

“The Expert Patients Programme helped me go from thinking I can’t to asking how can I?”


“It’s been a great help to be able to see and speak to people with the same problems.”

Last updated05 Apr 2023
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