What is self-management?

Self-management means equipping patients with the tools to look after their health conditions.
We know that managing a long term or chronic condition can be difficult. You may feel you lack knowledge about your condition, or the right skills to manage it effectively.  You might also be unsure of how best to use your appointments with health professionals, to ensure they are meeting your needs and you get the advice and answers you want.
At Whittington Health we aim to help people to become as engaged in their own health as possible.  With this in mind, our Self-Management Programmes are set up to help you to:
  • Be more confident about managing your condition, including having effective conversations with health professionals and planning steps to better manage or improve your condition
  • Increase your knowledge about how to manage your condition, including understanding medicine and its administration, learning new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as exercises or healthy eating, finding resources available to you and dealing with symptoms
  • Build new skills to manage your condition, including setting and working towards goals to make healthy changes, coping with emotions, adapting to everyday life with your condition and making decisions about treatment

Ermine's Self-Management Story

Last updated18 Apr 2023
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