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What is Self-Management Support?

Self-management support is working with people with long term conditions to ensure they are as engaged with their own healthcare as much as possible.  It also aims to equip them with the skills and confidence to manage their condition effectively.
With this person-centred approach, the health professional enables people to set and achieve their own health goals.  This may involve:
  • Increasing their knowledge of their condition
  • Teaching them new skills to improve their quality of life, such as relaxation techniques and symptom management
  • Supporting them to develop their communication skills so that they can get the most out of their consultations and appointments
Practitioners will benefit from a self-management approach by gaining:
  • The skills to have more productive consultations and to have difficult conversations in an effective and collaborative way
  • Increased confidence in supporting patients to self-manage
  • Greater job satisfaction
To learn more, please see the films and resources below.
Last updated05 Apr 2023
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