Diabetes Self-Management Programme

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What is the Diabetes Self-Management Programme?

The Diabetes Self-Management Programme is a free seven week self-management course for people who have had a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes for more than 3 months.
Over seven three hour sessions you will develop the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to better manage your Type 2 diabetes.
If you live with Type 2 diabetes or care for someone who does, then this could be the course for you. You will need to live or have a GP in Islington or Haringey.
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Is the Diabetes Self-Management Programme for me?

Each course is led by a health professional and by someone who lives with Type 2 diabetes and understands the challenges you face. Sessions are delivered in small friendly groups across Islington and Haringey.
The programme is designed to give you a taster of a number of self- management strategies so that you can take away and practice the ones that you feel are most helpful to you.
By taking part you can learn to:
  • Feel more confident to manage your Type 2 diabetes
  • Improve your emotional wellbeing
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Feel more able to talk to your healthcare professionals and family about your health and make decisions together 
  • Feel more confident about planning ahead
  • Increase your knowledge about your health 
  • Improve your Type 2  diabetes control
  • Meet others and share similar experiences

We provide courses in English and Turkish.

What our Patients said about the Programme

“The Diabetes Self Management Programme gave me the tools to seek help and advice from my health carers and to find the solutions to the various problems. I now have improved health, take less medication and feel a lot better. The feeling that I was alone and did not have anyone who cared or listened to me has gone. I feel in control of my own health.”


"It was fantastic…helped me to control my diabetes. It helped me and made a lot of difference. I look at things objectively, I don’t sit down and start getting angry with myself… diabetes is not going to control my life, I will try to control diabetes. I do things that will improve it… walking, control my diet… This course has helped me."

Last updated05 Apr 2023
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