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What is the Sickle Cell Self-Management Programme?

The Living Well with Sickle Cell Programme is a free seven-week self-management course for people who live with Sickle Cell Disease and its resulting health issues such as fatigue, pain, depression etc.
Weekly 2½-hour sessions are designed to help you cope with your health condition, find solutions to common problems & feel more in control and are delivered online on Zoom in small friendly groups. 

The majority of the course is delivered by specially trained lay people who live with health conditions, including Sickle Cell, themselves. Health professionals from Whittington Health’s Sickle Cell service deliver one session.

What can the Living Well with Sickle Cell Programme offer me?

People with Sickle Cell face many similar issues such as fatigue, pain, frustration, stress, and depression. The course looks at how to manage these whilst working alongside your healthcare providers.

Benefits include:
  • A ‘Tool kit’ of techniques that you can try out for yourself.
  • Different topics covered each week.
  • Times to share and discuss.
  • Building confidence that you can cope with your Sickle Cell and work towards what’s important to you (your personal goals).
  • Being with others who know what it’s like and can share tips
  • Focusing on taking control of your health rather than it controlling you
  • Taking small, gradual steps.
People who have come on self-management courses like this one have reported that it has made a big difference to them, they appreciate having met others who are living with health conditions and they feel more positive and able to manage their health. 
For more information about the programme click the link below.

What people say about our Self-Management Programme?

“Meeting people has helped me understand more about myself and ways of managing things… It has been a well-run course, and everyone has been very helpful and caring.” - Ali

“It has helped me become more aware of my condition and how it affects me, and to feel that I can manage it to some extent through pacing, diet and relaxation techniques.” - Derrick

“It gave me more information and confidence to do normal things in life.”  - Susan

How can I find out more?

For a confidential conversation to see if the Living Well with Sickle Cell programme is right for you please contact us here
Last updated18 Apr 2023
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