Bank Workforce Race Equality Standard (Bank WRES)

Bank Workforce Race Equality Standard (Bank WRES) - Introduction
The Bank WRES builds on the work from the Workforce Race Equality Standard, recognising that staff on bank contracts (only) have different experiences and outcomes compared to the general workforce.
A bank worker is a worker that does not have fixed hours contracts but pick up shift as and when the worker is available. While it is possible to be on a permanent or fixed contract employee of the Trust and work as a bank worker, this standard focuses on those with bank worker contracts only.
The Bank WRES pulls from local data and a specific bank worker survey, forming part of our annual staff survey cycle. All Trusts were invited to submit data for this standard in the summer of 2023.
To see our most current and previous reports, please go to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Reports page.
Last updated31 Jan 2024
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