Useful links

Objective: To enable you to access high quality information from other websites.
Here we give some websites that we recommend. Click on them to open them up.
Our top three choices are also accessible from every page (see 'Purrfect websites' listing).
Whittington Health Diabetes Service
Details of the Whittington Diabetes Team and care provided, including the eye screening programme. Extensive 'Guidelines for Management of Diabetes' give the targets that we are trying to achieve in diabetes control.
Very useful site for people with diabetes, with information on how to manage diabetes and exercise and patient accounts of how to cope with specific listed sports.
Diabetes UK
Contains extensive information on diverse topics for people living with diabetes, including standards of care.
American Diabetes Association
Contains extensive up-to-date information from the USA.
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Contains excellent information for children with diabetes and their family / guardian.
BBC Health
Useful patient focused information about health, including diabetes ( and the heart (
Blood Pressure Association
Blood Pressure Association: Extensive information for patients, including diet and blood pressure management information in different languages and lists of validated home blood pressure machines.
National Kidney Federation
National Kidney Federation: UK charity for kidney patients, with extensive information for patients and their relatives and friends.
Sexual Dysfunction Association
Sexual Dysfunction Association: Patient association helping people with sexual dysfunction.
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