Pain Management Services (Outpatients)

Pain Management Services (Outpatients)

Main Address

  • The Whittington Hospital
    Magala Avenue
  • N19 5NF
  • 020 7288 3929
The Whittington Health Pain Management Service is a well-established service for people with longstanding pain.  The service combines our team of experts including Consultant in Pain Medicine, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners, Clinical Psychologists and Physiotherapy Chronic Pain Specialists.  The aim of the service is to relieve pain where possible and to equip and empower patients to self-manage their pain.
What options are available?
There are two aspects to the Pain Management Service:  The Pain Clinic and Pain Self-Management.
Pain Clinic
The Pain Clinic Team offer consultations for pain, with access to a wide range of treatment options.  This includes both non-invasive and invasive treatments, and advice on pain medication in an effort to provide the maximum benefit to each patient.
Pain Self-Management
Pain Self-Management helps people to come to terms with and cope better with chronic pain.
The aim of Pain Self-Management is to maximise quality of life despite pain, by learning skills to manage pain more effectively and by providing support with implementing changes and maintaining them.
Please visit the Whittington Musculoskeletal Services web page for more help on managing your pain which includes videos and leaflets.


Pain Management Secretary
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