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The gastroenterology unit at the Whittington aims to provide a comprehensive, dynamic and high quality service to our patients in North London.
The department consists of four consultants supported by an associate specialist, two specialist registrars as well as three clinical nurse specialists, and provides the full range of out-patient general and specialist gastroenterology clinics.
In addition, the clinical nurse specialists provide a GI helpline to provide access for patients with chronic disease, as well as an innoavative telephone virtual clinic.  In-patient services are provided on a dedicated gastroenterology ward.
The service also runs a busy 3 room endoscopy unit, undertaking more than 6000 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures per year, as well as providing a 24/7 emergency endoscopy service.

General Enquiries

Please contact us using the GP Helpline email for patients and GP enquiry


020 7288 5692


contact Lourdes Cumlat, Gastroenterology Nurse Specialist, on ext 5692.

Further Information

Specialist Nurses 
Lourdes Cumlat
Shamilah Loolmahamed
Rosemarie Espiritu
Kristine Buama
Referrals accepted via Appointment office as Choose and Book, Red Top Referral (within the Trust).
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