Advanced Development Programme (ADP)

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The Advanced Development Programme (ADP) is a training programme for health professionals working with people with long-term health conditions.
The programme draws on best practice from clinical communication skills, motivational interviewing and CBT approaches. It offers a fundamentally person-centred approach, aimed at developing a collaborative partnership between the person with a long-term health condition and their healthcare professionals, supporting behaviour change and effectively exploring motivation.
The ADP provides practitioners with a portfolio of skills and techniques to transform the patient-practitioner relationship to a collaborative partnership. The course focuses on three key enablers:
  • Agenda setting
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Goal follow-up

Our Courses

Whittington Health ADP courses are available to Islington and Haringey healthcare professionals.
Each course is co-delivered by an experienced healthcare professional and a facilitator with a long-term health condition who has benefitted from a self-management approach to their care. The course runs over three three-hour sessions, with a period of approximately one month built in between sessions to allow participants to practise and build upon their new skills.
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As well as giving you the tools to help patients manage their own conditions the course is a very clever mix of consultation skills and dealing with difficult consultations. I changed the start of my consultation from “What can I do for you today?” to “what are we doing today?......what else were you thinking of talking about” …i.e. using language that immediately shifts the responsibility from me taking over all of it to a more partnership approach of setting the agenda for the consultation together. I have been on a variety of consultation skills courses in the past. The difference between this and other consultation skills training is that it really does address the balance of responsibility and offers practical ways of engaging patients actively in their own care.

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Last updated05 Apr 2023
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