Multi-disciplinary team

Our service offers you the opportunity to see various specialists to ensure that you get the best treatment, safely these specialists together are known as the multi-disciplinary team. The Whittington multi-disciplinary team members are as follows:

 Position  Name
 Bariatric Upper GI and Obesity Surgeons
 Mr Pratik Sufi
 Mr Mohammed Howlader
 Mr AlHamdani
Mr Chetan Parmar
 Bariatric & Upper GI Nurse Specialist
Ms Laura Yevu Umba 
 Bariatric & Upper GI Nurse Practitioner Mrs Naiara Fernandez-Munoz
 Bariatric Specialist Dietician
 Ms Cleverly Fong
 Miss Maria Lough
 Bariatric Specialist Physiotherapist  Ms Juliet Benton
 Ms Janice Ross
 Bariatric Patient Pathway Co-ordinator  Mrs Catherine Barry
 Bariatric MDT Co-ordinator  Mrs Lorna Antoine
 Bariatric Radiologist
Dr Michael Steward
Dr Diane Murray
 Nutrition Physician  Professor Anthony Leeds
 Dr Wing May Kong
 Dr Karen Anthony
 Dr Michela Rossi
 Dr Maria Barnard 
 Gastroenterologist  Dr Deepak Suri
 Dr Clive Onnie
 Respiratory Physician
 Dr Louise Restrick
 Dr Sara Lock
 Respiratory Physiologist (Sleep Study)
 Dr Louise Restrick
 Dr Sara Lock
 Cardiac Physician
 Dr David Brull
 Dr Chee Yee Loong
 Dr Suzanna Hardman
 Anaesthetists and Intensivists
 Dr Ahmad Ziyad
 Dr Konstantinos Miltsios
 Dr Ahmed Chekairi
 Dr Trudi Young
 Dr Katherine Batte
 Eating Disorders Psychiatrist  Dr Shirabdi Jacobs
 Dr Paul Robinson 
 Dr Claire Gallagher
 Plastic Surgeon
 Mr Stephen Hamilton
 Mr Nilesh Sojitra
 Obstetrician with bariatric interest  Miss Chandrima Biswas
 Renal Physician
 Dr Robin Woolfson
 Dr Mark Harber
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