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Weight management and obesity websites

International Obesity Task Force and Association for the Study of Obesity -
This site covers all aspects of obesity and includes links to a range of organisations including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other associations. The site also includes links to medical publications for health professionals, requiring subscription fees.

National Obesity Forum -
This site was established in 2000 by GP’s concerned about the impact of obesity on the health service. The forum aims to raise awareness of the growing impact of obesity and supports the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. Mainly for use by healthcare professionals but has some useful links.

The British Nutrition Foundation -
The site covers all aspects of nutrition and health, including specific areas relating to obesity and links to other organisations. The site also covers media news and publications but takes a while to navigate. You will find useful information about food, what it contains and where to find specific nutrients.

British Dietetic Association -
This site offers information about healthy eating and how to lose weight. The site also has a page about the health risks of obesity. There is also the option of ‘talking’ to a dietitian via the website.

The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust -
A national charity which is dedicated to encouraging a better understanding of obesity. TOAST works with industry, local government and patient groups to stimulate action for the prevention and treatment of obesity. The site contains discussion groups and gives an overview of the latest developments in the news.

Weight loss surgery websites

British Obesity Surgery Patient Association –
This site is specific to those who have had or, are considering, surgery for obesity, giving information about the types of surgery that are available and surgeons that operate in the UK. The site also provides links to support groups located across the country. On this site you will also find eating and exercise plans for after surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Information -
This is another site for people who have had or are considering surgery. Again the site gives details about the types of surgery and has some useful diagrams. This site gives links to support groups and accounts of members' stories.

Gastric Band service -
The aim of this site is to provide a better understanding of gastric band surgery in the UK and Europe. The site gives a good overview of when the band may or may not be appropriate and the risks involved. The site contains links to other sites, case studies and has a strong focus on European content.

Obesity Surgery Advice –
British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS) -


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