Adolescent Outreach Team (AOT)

The Adolescent Outreach Team (AOT) is a specialist team of professionals from a range of backgrounds including adolescent psychiatry, clinical psychology, nursing and social work.
We are a multidisciplinary team who specialise in working with young people, aged 13-18, from Islington who are experiencing a range of mental health problems that are seriously affecting their everyday life and functioning. The problems are likely to be longstanding and will have made attending other services difficult. As a result, it may be a struggle for the young person to manage school; former interests may no longer be enjoyable and there may be increasing isolation from family and friends.
A proportion of the young people we work with are at risk of hospital admission or need an intensive community approach to support discharge from hospital. We aim to provide a service for risky young people and reduce the frequency and duration of hospital admissions.

Our Aims

  • Provide a holistic assessment of young peopleís mental health and find out what their behavioural and emotional needs are
  • Work intensively with the young person. We can see a young person up to 5 times a week if necessary; the frequency can be changed depending on need
  • Provide a young person with a case manager who will meet them on a regular basis
  • Offer a flexible approach. We can work with the young person in their home, the nearby community or at their school if required
  • Signpost and refer young people to different services if felt necessary.
Last updated31 Aug 2023
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