CAMHS Therapies Team

CAMHS Therapies Team (CTT)
Who we are
We are a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals, working with children and young people up to 18 years old. We work closely with other children’s services (schools, social care, youth Offending and safeguarding teams and community groups) to support children and young people. Members of the team include family therapists; Psychotherapists; Clinical psychologists; Child and adolescent psychiatrists; Counsellors and Educational psychotherapists. We also have a number of trainees within our team, as we offer training places for these disciplines. So, sometimes your child may be seen by a trainee.

What we offer
We offer short-term treatments which last for two to three months and long-term treatments which can last from six months to one year.
Child Psychotherapy 
Work of the therapy takes place within the relationship between your child and therapist so, depending on the child’s age, the therapy will involve playing, drawing or talking as appropriate.

Family Therapy
Help those in close relationships to better understand and support one another
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
CBT focuses on the links between your child’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It aims to help your child manage their feelings and change any thinking or behavior patterns they have which might be unhelpful.
Counselling provides a reflective and supportive space for your child to explore, better understand and solve their own problems.

Educational Psychotherapy
An educational psychotherapist will support your child with emotional barriers to learning and social development.

OCD Workshop that was pre recorded at Islington CAMHS.

The CAMHS Resources site is a helpful resource with downloads, websites, apps and more.

Young Minds can provide information and support for young people’s mental health.

On My Mind has been created by young people to help other young people make choices about their mental health.

Headspace is a meditation app.

Worry Tree can help you manage your worries using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

Catch it is an app that can help you cope with feelings of anxiety and depression through understanding your mood.
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