New Beginnings

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What is the New Beginnings Programme?

The New Beginnings Programme is a free seven-week self-management course for people local people living with - or recovering from - a mental health condition such as depression or bipolar disorder.
The programme is open to people who live in Haringey or Islington or who are registered with an Haringey or Islington GP.
The course will support you to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to cope with and manage your condition.

Is the New Beginnings Programme for me?

To The programme is designed to give you a taster of a number of self- management strategies so that you can take away and practise the ones that you feel are most helpful to you.
Weekly sessions are run by two specially trained people who live with mental health condition.  The sessions are delivered in small friendly groups across Islington and Haringey.
You can refer yourself, or ask a health professional (e.g. doctor or nurse) to refer you. Each participant will be new to the programme, so everyone is on level-footing.
By taking part you can:
  • Develop the confidence manage your mental health to take more control of your life
  • Learn simple but effective skills to aid everyday living and improve your quality of life such as relaxation techniques, positive thinking and strategies to cope with set-backs
  • Become aware of triggers and relapse symptoms
  • Meet others who have shared similar experiences
  • Plan ahead so that you can deal effectively with any blips or future problems
  • Learn about developing more effective relationships with healthcare professionals
  • Reach your own personal goals
  • Feel less stigmatised or socially excluded
  • Change your thinking about mental health
Last updated05 Apr 2023
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