Diabetic foot care

Your feet need to be checked every year as part of your Annual Diabetic Review offered by your practice nurse or GP.
The foot screen is important as it reviews the health of your feet, advises you on how to maintain or improve the health of your feet and most importantly makes you aware of your Risk Status. It is important to understand your risk status so you can appropriately care for your feet.
An individuals foot risk status tells us how likely they are to develop a non-healing foot wound, often referred to as ‘ulcer’.  A persons risk can change over time so it’s important to have a regular foot assessment.
Podiatry only provides an annual diabetic foot screen for those patients, seen by us routinely for other concerns with their feet. Occasionally, your GP or practice nurse will request we examine your feet if they have identified any concerns requiring further investigations.
The information below identifies some of the ways you can care for your feet according to your risk status. Speak to your Podiatrist, practice nurse or GP for further individualised information.

Advice Leaflets

Diabetes advice leaflets credit: Diabetes UK
Last updated08 Apr 2022
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