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Ifor Reception

Ifor Class Room

Bay 2 on Ifor ward

This bay is on Ifor ward and this is where young people 12 or over are usually allocated their bed if staying in hospital.

Adolescent room

This is the room on Ifor ward where you would go if you need to talk to the psychiatrist or just a chat with our mental health nurse.

Nurses room

This is where you might have some teaching with your nurse or some treatment.

Plaster room

This is the room where, if you break your leg or your arm, you will have a plaster put on.

Xray room

Xray room this is where radiographer will take pictures of your arm or leg If the doctor or nurse thinks it might be broken.

Community Waiting Room

Ifor Side Room

Ifor Play Room

High Dependency Unit (HDU)

This is where a bed may be allocated if you are very unwell and need 1:1 nursing.

Treatment room

This is the room in our Clinic 4D where you might have your bloods taken or you might have some treatment or medication.

Children's Ambulatory Care Unit

This is where you might come and see the nurse or the doctor if you only need to stay for a day.

Ultrasound room

If you are feeling sick, this is where a radiographer puts cold gel on your tummy and uses a probe on your skin to have a look inside.

Our therapy rabbits, Del and Raquel

Our therapy rabbits, Del and Raquel.
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