Managing your pre-assessment online

Patients & Visitoris - managing your preassessment online
Do we have your email address? If you are having a procedure at our hospital, we need your email address to send you important information and to progress to the next step of your treatment plan.

To avoid unnecessary delays to treatment, please check with our reception teams that we have the correct email address for you on file.

Did you know...

Each year, more than 7,000 patients at our organisation undergo an inpatient or day case procedure with us.
All of these people require what we call a 'surgical theatre pre-operative assessment' (POA) prior to their procedure.
A POA helps to ensure that our staff know in advance some of the person's important medical information, like their blood pressure, their weight, and what medications they may take.


Introducing LifeBox to our patients undergoing an inpatient or day case procedure

 LifeBox is our new digital platform that allows patients like you to complete the majority of your surgical pre-assessment online.
Not only will LifeBox save you time, (and for some people, save them an entire trip to the hospital!) the platform also allows you to view our information leaflets and watch videos explaining your upcoming procedure.
If you are having a procedure at our hospital, your unique link to the LifeBox platform will be emailed to your email address, so it is really important that your email address is up to date - if it isn't, you can let our reception team know and they will update your record.

If you need help

If you have any issues with your LifeBox unique link, or are having trouble using the platform, you can speak to our Admissions team on 020 7288 5639.
Last updated12 Apr 2024
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