Same Gender Accommodation

Every patient has the right to receive high quality care that is safe, effective and respects their privacy and dignity. Whittington Health NHS Trust is committed to providing every patient with same gender accommodation because it helps to safeguard their privacy and dignity when they are often at their most vulnerable.
Patients who are admitted to hospital will only share the room or ward bay where they sleep, with members of the same gender, and same gender toilets and bathrooms will be close to their bed area. Sharing with members of another gender will only happen by exception based on clinical need (for example where patients need specialist care or equipment is needed such as in the high dependency cardiac care unit (Montuschi Ward) and critical care unit or when patients choose to share for instance in chemotherapy or thalassaemia unit) or through agreement between staff and patient based on patient dignity.
You can find out more about our approach to ensuring that every patient is accommodated in same gender accommodation in the reports below.
We now use the term Ďgenderí to refer to an individualís sense of themselves and is based on an understanding of gender as a biopsychosocial developed aspect of identity. Gender describes a part of a personís identity which is wider than their biological or legal sex. This change to terminology may not be reflected in all historical reports published on this page.
Last updated23 Jun 2021
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